In the autumn of 1996, Irma Buthiné Berei (Interior Ministry) and my-self devised a prevention program against the bluff slopes and topples problems, like the ‘Cellar Program’ which has functioned since 1975 (Cellar and other man-made hole danger-prevention Interdepartmental Committee). Mr. Gabor Kuncze (Interior Minister) supported and subsidized this program, with government funding of about 1.1million Euros. The program was given authorization to proceed (reference number 1015/1997.15.01). In January of 1997 I started to organise a conference for the understanding of the geology, geotechnical, morphology, hydrogeology and anthropogenic causes of bluff problems and to show the possible protection technologies. I could not organise the conference without official backing from the Hungarian Geological Survey and Hungarian Geological Society, but the organisation was done entirely by my-self and Agnes Zimmermann. Though there was some aversion, the 1st Bluff Conference was held in Paks and was very successful, with 125 registered participants.

Mr Attila Madaras (Interior Ministry) became the leader of the new, merged Cellar, Bluff and Landslide Expert Committee in 2001 and we renamed the Bluff Conference to the Geological Hazards Conference. The National Directorate General for Disaster Management was our patron the first time this year. The conferences were organised at different venues and formed a stabile appearance of about 65 participants and with every occasion new participants and some who did not come.

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