For more than 35 years I have taken photographs, mostly in connection with my job, whereas I take pictures of the curiosities of the geological environment and the people. I spent four years looking for goals finishing geologist high school and starting to attend Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Budapest. I draw, carve, take pictures would have liked to be a sculpture but I could not manage. Arts remained to be a wonderful hobby, though. My main theme is depicting human-beings. Just like many other young ones in the ’70s I grew up in the world of ‘social photo’. That still has its effects as the then more difficult transportation and politics covering reality made it more interesting to get to know people who somehow lived far away from us. Today’s media overwhelms us with so much that we would rather isolate ourselves. So would I. I do not mean in space because I like to wander around and whatever I see I take it home on film or on CF card. I had a studio on Budapest between 2002 and 2013 where I could work for my pleasure. I created my own world – a garden, a studio – where I could work as I wished. I had sold that. Though I had studied in the Camera Anima Open Academy (Budapest) three semesters (2007-2008), but the final examination miss me because of the photography was my hobby. I did not think this exam would be important for me.