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Professional Activities

I was working besides studying in the university so I have worked in all stages of geological exploration from field work to theoretical planning and compiling final reports. In the first 13 years I worked in mineral raw materials (bauxite and coal) research, later in the environmental exploration of sites for remediation plans. In addition to public service roles at the Geological Survey, I have been continuously working in the field too and I have become a recognized authority specialist in geological hazard prevention and hazard management.

I suggested and organised a danger-prevention program and a background, assist conference for the bluff slopes, topples and landslides in 1997. These programs existed till 2006 but we could help about 500 councils. After 2006 only the ‘force majeure’ allocation remains for the councils and everybody know the renovation always more expensive than the prevention. With the Expert Committee I have visited more than 3,800 locations with maps, descriptions and photographs, in matters belonging to geological hazards.

I am the founder and chief organiser of the biannual Geological Hazards Conferences between 1997 and 2015. (

I received the Honourable of Minister award in 2002 for acknowledging my dedication and professional work in the field of geological hazards.

Several inform in my linkedin profile.